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Adults Group Pathway

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Tennis Express

Tennis Xpress: This 6-week coaching course will teach you the tactical and technical fundamentals of tennis so that you can confidently play tennis with friends, family, your children, or other people you meet on the course.

Learn to serve, rally and score!

$120 for 6 week program

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis combines fitness devices, music, and a variety of equipment to deliver the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout. Each workout compromises of a warm-up, cardio segment (drills and play based) and a cool down. Women can burn up to 500 calories and men up to 800 in a 60-minute session!

$180 for 9 week term

Adult Squads

Maximum 4 per group. Learn technical and tactical skills in small groups with a different skill worked on each session.








9 weeks 

$180 per person.


Bring a doubles partner or we will team you up with one..

This fast-paced doubles session has you playing competitive points where you move up and down courts depending on win or loss.

Each week the skills and drills change to have your doubles skills fine tuned!




8 weeks - 90-minute sessions

$160 per person.


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